March 15th 2014

100% Drunk Live Album and WhiskeyDick it Happens Ep Double album on one cd releases today. Hell YeeHaw March 20 we kick off our spring tour with Bob Wayne and Walker and the Texas Dangers and then we head west. Check our Tour page of more info.. We get home May 10th and finally release our "From the Devil's Boots" Album on June 7th at Bronco's in Hurst Texas .. Then head back on that ol' hwy for the PondStock Festival in Nebraska and Farmaggedon Fest We'll Be back home end of July.. ""AUGUST WHISKEYDICK INVADES EUROPE, AUGUST EUROPE TOUR DATES COMING SOON!

Feb 27th 2014

Hell YeeHaw ! It's been one busy winter now were ready to kick some ass we have 4 albums done and we are recording number 5 can't wait for y'all to hear them! We kick off the 100% Drunk Tour with our Double live album cd Release at Bronco's March 15th in Hurst Texas and hiting the West and the Mid West of the US will be back May 10th. Then we will be Releasing Album number 3 and starting our tour on June 7th called From the Devils Boots will be back home in August. Septmember will head west agian with another Release. Welcome to YeeHaw County. We are honered to be playing The Moonrunners and Farmageddon Festivals 2014..

Nov 10th 2013

We're deep into the recording process here at YEEHAW SOUND.. We can't thank y'all enough for everyones help getting these records recorded. We are also Launching the debut of our Hell YeeHaw Show on Youtube starting Tuesday Dec 3rd. We've got a few shows while were intown here in Texas through the year so check our Tour page for more details. PLus On Dec 1st all our facebook pages will be terminated except for Official WhiskeyDick Facebook Page so please feel free to like our page and follow us on ONE page. 08/21/13 Broke Down, Busted and need a Kickstart

As many of y'all know we had to cancel this last tour of the year do to Mama Pearl breaking her rear end she has been so good to us for thousands of miles and many years and she will return again! We also bought us a 27ft Rv that we worked on everyday trying to get her road ready we sunk every dime we had to get our Rv Aka "LuLu Hogg" on that Ol' Hwy but we feel short but she's getting close. Since October of 2012 we have been building our own Recording Studio and we finished it July 1st 2013 and we were planing on buying all the recording gear after this last tour of the year and start recording our 5 Album From the Devils Boots and our 6th Untitled digital download only album on Oct 1st. But as all good story's go it has got real bad real quick had to cancel our tour witch is just killing us not because of money because we feel like we have failed, we don't like letting our friends and fans down and we fuckin' love playing music all over this great country. So now were Broke Down, Busted and in need a Kickstart. We are starting a WhiskeyDick Kickstarter Campaign to help us get back on the right side of the track Were trying to reach $4,500 to finish buying our recording equipment and getting our 5th album pressed and 6th Album released any thing raised over 4,500 will be going to our touring vehicles to be repaired and ready for that open road again. All were missing is the recording gear ,Condenser Mics, 16 channel preamp interface , Imac computer and recording , editing and mastering software, Cables, 16 channel snake, Stands and exc... our plan is to be Releasing the 2 Albums in Feb and March and Touring the rest of the year off those albums to catch up and make ends meet. Will post when we have launched the Campaign next week.. And Sep 1st WhiskeyDick KickStarter Show at Bronco's in Hurst Texas 7pm! And by the way if you wanted to know the name of our studio it is "YEEHAW SOUND" We love y'all and can't wait to see all y'all again Fritz and Reverend Johnson


May 1,2013

WHISKEYDICK is finally on Itunes and Amazon Mp3. You can buy entire albums or just the songs you want...straight to your Computer! Hell Yeah, Come On!
1st "Rebel Flags and Whiskey"
2nd "First Class White Trash"
3rd "Drunk As Hell"
Itunes --------OR-------- Amazon Mp3

May 8th 2013

WhiskeyDick is back on a U.S.A. tour May 8th - July 1st hitting 16 states Tx, Ok, Ar, Mo, IL, Wi, Mi, Oh, Wv, Ny, Vt, Pa, Nc, Tn, Co and Nebraska for PondStock! Also at the end of July we will be playing back in Montana for Farmageddon Fest II will be touring with our Crust Blues Punk band "Black Eyed Vermillion" and Izzy Cox to Farm Fest II and on the way back home Touring with Scott H. Biram. And in August will be hitting the road for BeamFest in IL. We got a busy Summer and lots of bad ass shows it's time to rock and roll. Hell YeeHaw see y'all crazy whiskey manics on the road! Fritz and Reverend Johnson

Jan. 21st 2013

WhiskeyDick, Black Eyed Vermillion and Scott H. Biram Tour Jan 30 -Feb 16 check our tour calander for cities near you. We got an Endorsement Deal Thank you Steve Clayton Pics we need this! check them out at

July 23th 2012

Farmageddon Fest 2012 was history in the making they have something very special going on there and we were honored to be apart of this. In our eyes this was one of the best concerts we have ever seen it was the real deal. All the bands that joined together for this had no ego's that is unheard of these days. Thank You All ! And most of all Farm Fest Fans we Thank you for your support it was amazing!

July 24th 2012

WHISKEYDICK home coming show September 1st at The Rail Club for it's 2 year Anniversary in Fort Worth with Honky ! September 2nd @ Bronco's in Hurst WHISKEYDICK's first annual Sausage Fest with bands MadDog , Alepeno , Walker Texas Danger, WHISKEYDICK , HONKY and Five Fingered Fist . $5.00 cover includes plate of food (hot dogs , brats and hot links with fixin's and sides) . Show starts @ 4 p.m. Sponsers : WHISKEYDICK , Left of Center Productions and Basham Entertainment

May 6th 2012

Fritz and Reverend Johnson are both healing from surgeries and gearing up for the release of "The Wicked Roots" album and tour starting May 18th 2012

April 30th 2012

Whiskeydick temporarily took a break due to Fritz and Reverend Johnson having unexpected major surgeries. We would like to thank our Family, Friends and Fans for all the love and support. With out y'all we would not have survived! And now...May 18th at Bronco's in Hurst WhiskeyDick is back with the release of their new album "The Wicked Roots" followed by a tour through September 1st. We will be releasing the album on Itunes and Amazon one week in early on May 11th for all you die hards out there. We are excited about playing again! This has been a really tough year on us and we want to kick it's ass for the rest of 2012. Check the tour dates for details. If we're not playing near you, email us the city, state, and venue, bar or dive where we can play, hell we'll even play your Front Yard !

January 1st 2012

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Dec 7th 2011

We just got back from Austin, Tx. where we recorded "The Wicked Roots" album. We will be releasing it in the spring of 2012. Plus were still writing the album "From the Devil's Boots" coming soon! And we'll be releasing an ITUNES only Album of songs we've written but never recorded called "Zombie Food"!
2012 is gonna be a big year for WHISKEYDICK come on!

Check This Out !

We are proud and honored that Corey "GROG" Dalrymple is filming a WhiskeyDick Documentary! You can check out some of the clips on youtube at

June 9th, 2010

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"Booking Info"

WhiskeyDick is avalible to play at Barns, Bars, Living Rooms, Flat Bed trailers, private parties, clubs, or sports bars. We can play anywhere you want us to play and we have our own P.A. if needed. Contact us if you want WhiskeyDick to come and play for y'all !



December 15, 2009

We would like to thank the Men and Women in our United States Armed Forces!


Fritz and Reverend Johnson.